Banda sonora

Ok. I know I have always been the go-to guy for providing a well-researched, heartfelt playlist for a friday night party or my best friend’s wedding. But maybe I can change. Maybe I actually have discovered a couple songs that you haven’t.

Anyways. Enough with the apology. Here is my soundtrack for my first week in Argentina and its partly inspired by a my new Uruguyian friend, who has shown me the generosity of not only sharing his wealth of cultural knowledge on Uruguyian rock (yes, the do have electric guitars in Uruguay. Since the late 90s I believe.) but actually went out of his way to buy me a CD.

Put it on your iPods. Tell your friends. Tell your mothers. Make love to it. Here goes, mi banda sonora:

1. Being Here – The Stills Oceans will Rise

2. One Day Like This – Elbow The Seldom Seen Kid   (Kind of sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay, but he succeeds with his modesty where Coldplay failed by trying to right every song as an anthem. This song especially has the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away with mind bullets. The power to move you.)

3. California One – The Decemberists Castaways and Cutouts 

4. Middle of Nowhere – The Hot Hot Heat Elevator

5. Corbeau – Couer de Pirate Self-Titled Album. (You know when you find something accidentally that’s so good you hold on to the naive belief that you discovered it? And even when you know you didn’t, you still don’t let go of that belief? Kind of like 8 year olds who think they discovered masturbation. Or Italians who think they discovered ‘the New World’. Well, Christophe Colon didn’t have to let go. SO WHY SHOULD I!!!)

6.  Radio Gaga – Queen (Inspired by an Argentine documentario of Queen I saw on TV). 

7. Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio Return to Cookie Mountain 

8. Solo – No te va gustar Aunque Cuesta Te Ver El Sol (Uruguayan Rock/Ska/Punk. The vocals have a clean ring to them (which is good for my spanish) con cantantes bastante emocionante.)

9. Esta cancion – Silvio Rodriguez Dias y flores (the legendary poet of Cuban (post?) independence)

10. Limon y Sal – Julieta Venegas MTV Unplugged (kind of a spanish version of Carla Bruni. Very lyrical and dulce. Although as far as I know she isn’t married to a high ranking government official and despite my most adamant, unfiltered google searches does not seem to have ever appeared naked)

11. Verte Reir – No te va gustar Aunque Cuesta Te Ver El Sol (To See you Laugh.)

That’s it. As I continue to mooch free CDs off of impoverished latinos, as my corazon continues to espanolpomorphize, as my circadian rhythm takes on the peculiar qualities of the spanish beat,  I will come back to you with more scintillating music to cumplear your hearts, minds and hard drives.


One Response to Banda sonora

  1. Haha great stuff. I will be looking out for those mentioned. I do love Silvio Rodriguez, very good music.

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