International Readership

Any feedback is good feedback right? I received a comment which, despite its condemnatory tone and touching failure to interpret the various nuances of my musings, is flattering beyond measure because it represents the germination of my international readership.

To paraphrase Archimedes – give me a pen and I shall move the world.

Or offend it.

“Veri inaccurate post…first, the south of chile it is inded different to the south of argentina, it has lakes volcanoes and another shit, islands and sea..Pacific ocean who also is very difefrent to the atlantic ocean

second, if you think argentines don’t love their country..then your listenings skills are very defficients..they love their country…they think their country is the best country in the world..they love their european background, and basically feel superior to the rest of southamerica, and even superior to the rest of the world (they think they’re the smarter ones..and “gringos” are just, too naive for them..but anyway i kind of feel the same way too lots of times)s…now, they have their political problems..but they tend to blame it to their corrupted political elite..and they don’t see that they choose them over and over’s a never ending history.

I feel the chilean are proud of their country..but i feel them more tryng to make your stay more confortable and be friendly..and you just shut up them with “I already know the south of argentina..and it’s the same that the south of chile”.. very rude from your part…. you maybe have to go along with it…”

In my defense: My listening skills are deficient? Before you get too indignant, please assume a modicum of modesty in your english comprehension. You unfortunately missed the affectionate and self deprecating tone of this piece.

 I never said that Argentines don´t love their country. On the contrary, they are the most nationalistic members of the South American family. Actually, many are so busy revelling in their pride that they are too busy to care what gringos think about it. And I love them for it.

Naive gringo I may be. Why do I find it so hard to not be seduced by stereotypes? Its just hard not to imagine you reciting your response to me in person with your fingers pinched together whilst thrusting your hands in my face and, in true Argentinian style, paying no attention to the subtleties of what I am saying.


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