I will be planting trees for two months (yes, reflections, nude photos, humorous anecdotes will be compiled) and most likely not getting up a lot of posts in the mean time. I want to put up a few more summary posts about South America in the next week or so, but then be patient as I accumulate the necessary life experience to continue wowing you with my fluid prose.

I will also start to include some short stories I’ve been working on. Expect the quality to improve with time.

Thanks to everyone who followed this blog over the last few months. You may yet inspire me to forget law school and write forever.


3 Responses to Intermission

  1. mary says:

    what? law school? what?

  2. oren says:

    well, i do hope that your pause will not last too long. did enjoy reading you so far. and try not to get eaten by a bear, this things happen.

  3. Remo, Jeanne and of course Granny says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed reading about the escapades of Gay Lochinvar.

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