Obiter Dictum

It was the height of flattery to receive a letter of acceptance to law school with a personal inscription on it today. Written in pen at the bottom of the page, in neat but friendly block letters:

“I enjoyed your blog! The Obiter will be looking out for you.”

This from the Dean of Osgood University.

The Obiter is a law school newspaper at Osgoode. An obiter dictum is a remark or observation made by a judge that is included in the body of the court’s opinion but does not form a necessary part of the court’s decision. In more common parlance, it refers to an ‘incidental remark or observartion.’

Say, for example, a brief personal note on the bottom of an official acceptance letter.


One Response to Obiter Dictum

  1. Adrian,
    Get blog. Keep up the great content! Alright, enough of webmumbojumbo.

    In all honesty this is one of the better written blogs I have come across in a long time and hope to be reading it for sometime to come.

    But tell me about Osgood Uni. In a more private forum.

    All the best,


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