Updated Itinerary – Step One: Shave Legs; Step Two Bike to Gaspé.

After much deliberation, I have decided to depart from my doorstep towards Gaspé. The initial leg of the journey will take me along the north side of the St. Lawrence until Trois Rivières, QC, and then on to la Capitale on Sunday. That makes a total of 260km for my first two days, which should leave me so thirsty for a cold beer and the company of humans that I will likely set aside my federalist preconceptions and indulge in St-Jean festivities without the slightest fuss. By then, I will gladly get behind any vision of this province that will allow me to sit still and drink beer.

This “urban” leg of the journey will allow me to assure that I am appropriately provisioned for cycling and camping when I hit the Gaspé, and to discover why La Fete Nationale in Quebec City is all the rage. It’s also a way for me to burn off all this bottled up excitement without having to first survive an anaesthetic 15 hour bus ride to my start destination.

Après ça, I will be bussing to Rimouski, where I will undertake to bike the entire, bulbous, peninsula of la Gaspésie. 

For the ostensible purpose of staving off future infection, I will be shaving my legs this evening. Stay tuned for the uncensored video footage.





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