Lochinvar Returns Unscathed!

1 man. 9 days. 2000 kilometers. 775km by bike…

A veritable Greek romance, a marvelous adventure, marked by an abundance of shipwrecks; hairbreadth escapes from wild beasts, bandits and pirates; innocent maidens, preserving their virtue in spite of all assaults; ending in miraculous reunions of those long believed dead…

Turns out you need a 3G phone to stay connected in Gaspé, so I was off the grid for the last week. The north coast of the peninsula is barely inhabited. An alpine forest charges down precipitous cliffs, making war on a sea of troubles. The only available space between these two unstoppable armies of nature, is held tenously by a winding, grey highway – a grim, desperate mediator trying to maintain an impossible peace.

Thanks to all of those you who checked up on me to make sure I was alive. Its nice to know that I wouldn’t be completely forgotten if I was swallowed by the sea or buried in the brush. Thanks also to all of you who didn’t check up on me- your unshakeable confidence in my decision-making and survival skills is truly touching.


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