Simon Don’t Ever Qu-Whitfield

One of my motivations for buying a performance road bike is to start exploring the gutsy sport of triathlon. With the countdown to the London 2012 Olympics beginning, check out this video of Canadian triathlete Simon Whitfield’s comeback to take the lead, and eventually the silver, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

If anyone finds the full CBC feed of this race, PLEASE send it to me. This is one of my favorite Olympic moments. This video captures the zenith of Whitfield’s comeback, but he starts his comeback sprint about 6 minutes from the finish line, in something like 28th place, and never lets off.

“The question now is: how much have you spent? How much do you have left? Whitfield is picking up the pace. Karen, this is unbelievable, remember what he did in 2000? Simon Whitfield can taste it…And here comes Simon Whitfield…Nobody has ever been able to do this in the sport of triathlon…Four men will sprint for three medals…And there goes Simon Whitfield! Whitfield has the lead!”


This is an excellent article talking about Whitfield’s Adapt or Die training regime for the 2012 London games.

(His impressive Gold medal performance in 2000)

‘Great things happen to people that make great things happen to themselves.’


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