Dictionary.com FAIL

My desperate attempt to find a synonym for scandalous Stymied (word of the day) by ridiculously placed ad.


I am officially boycotting Dictionary.com, which to date has been my usual casual/lazy source of multisyllabic synonyms, mostly because of their convenient domain name. They have, however, placed an impossibly irritating (and partly invisible0 popup RIGHT OVER their search bar. Which means that my attempts to find the perfectly weighted alternative synonyms to fuel my twitter banter sent me to some ridiculous website, using ridiculous multimedia images to promote a ridiculous, totally undesirable, expiring American automobile brand.

The irony? Today’s word of the day, one of the few remaiing uneclipsed areas on Dic.com’s home page, is “Stymie” – to hinder, thwart, or block.

I urge you to share this astounding, frustrating idiocy with word lovers everywhere, and to join my Dictionary.com boycott. I am willing to make do with my existing lexicon until they remove their catastrophically cumbersome ads.


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